Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Isn't Dirty Harry an Extremist? 

I should get this quote as a bumper sticker for my car. But I still would have liked to have seen Scorsese get the Best Director Oscar.

I can truthfully say there are a bunch of issue I can't say what my position is, like tort reform (What the hell is tort reform? I guess I should know, but honestly, who has the time?). I'm increasingly of the opinion that I like Republicans on foreign policy, and Democrats on everything else. With a couple of exceptions. But what the hell do I know?

Along those lines, Mary Madigan recently linked on Dean's World to a quiz that tells if you are part of the so-called New Silent Majority. A few of the questions:

You voted for Kerry, but you still have one of those ‘Kerry haters for Kerry’ stickers on your fuel-efficient car.

You wonder when a petulant hissy-fit became the same thing as social activism

You live in a blue state, where having conservative opinions makes you feel like a Commie in the Thirties; Sneaking into cell meetings, secret handshakes, wondering if you need lookouts before a meeting..

You know that the idea that Arabs can’t handle Democracy is racist.

You thought Pat Robertson’s 700 club was the epitome of jaw-dropping insanity until you found the Democratic Underground. Then you thought DU was crazy – until you found Indymedia.

You wonder when word ‘liberal’ came to be defined as reactionary leftists and socialists.

You stub your toe and you don’t blame the Bush administration.

The success of the elections in Afghanistan, Iraq and the possibility for reform in Lebanon and Egypt doesn’t prompt you to tear out your hair and rend your garments.

You don’t care if you’re a member of the New Silent Majority because labels are a waste of time..

Oooh, I like the first one. If I had a Prius, I would totally have that sticker on the back of it.

Oh well, I guess I'll just live with the fact that I have muddled politics. Sometimes though, I do envy those "true believers" who can shout down their opponents with such conviction.

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