Friday, March 18, 2005

Maple Syrup, Cinderella, and Busted Brackets 

OK, I should have known better.

I'm getting the twitches from too much March Madness. Too many games, and it's only the first Friday. Still, like the TV/Sports addict that I am, I'll likely be watching again Saturday and Sunday.

I didn't make a bracket this year. My brackets usually suck anyway, since I don't follow college hoops before the Tournament and therefore make bad picks. That being said, I'm sure everyone's bracket is now oficially busted. Any people saying they picked both Vermont and Bucknell are lying. Ha.

The NCAA Tournament is actually geared at least as much to casual fans as to the hardcore basketball nuts. During the NFL season, if I'm watching a non-descript NFL game with my mom, she will inevitibly ask "Which team should I root for?". I must then somehow articulate my convoluted personal hierarchy of NFL teams in order to justify why I think she should root for a particular team.

In contrast, the NCAA makes life so much easier. They even rank all the teams for us. The answer to "Who should I root for?" is a piece of cake. When there are no other factors, like locality or hated rivals playing, the answer is "Pick the team with the largest number (lowest seed)." Easy.

It allows any wannabee fan (like me), to say "Yeah, go you...whatever the Hell your mascot is." As if most of the people watching the games were fans of Vermont or Bucknell before they both pulled off upsets tonight. When I think of Vermont, I think of maple syrup, ice cream, Dean Screams, and Newhart. That's a TV series that should be on DVD, but I digress. After tonight, everyone will pretend they always knew the stats of Bucknell's backup point guard. It's poser heaven.

As for Vermont, now that they've upset Syracuse, now they're going to play Michigan State, and Duke, and Kentucky, and North Carolina......

OK, I'll stop now.

Dude, No Sh*t, I know what you mean, and I live in College Basketball Heaven. I have been introduced to it in a big way and I still have problems knowing which team to root for. All I know is, is Duck Fook and Wake Forest can just go to hell. I'd rather stick to Pac 10 football myself. The good thing is that there is something for me to watch, since I am still boycotting baseball, AND basketball, and with just a possibility of Hockey next year... The only thing that I can say is that USC sucked this year at basketball, and GO Tarheels!

--CTG's DH
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