Sunday, March 27, 2005


The regional final games of this year's Men’s' NCAA Basketball tournament have been more exciting than anyone could have scripted. Three games went to overtime (one to double-overtime), and the fourth game was hotly contested enough to cause UNC fans like Caltechgirl to go prematurely gray.

Unfortunately, West Virginia lost yesterday which means the basketball audience will deprived of the best-named player in the tournament, Kevin Pittsnogle. Damn, and I just discovered the mighty Pittsnogle. Alas, Gobo at Too much TV will have to find something to write about other than Pittsnoglisms.

Happy Easter to everyone, and may you and your loved ones share in God's blessings on this holiest of days.

naaah, the gray hairs are from the year that the Hurricanes (does anyone else remember the ancient game of hockey?) went to the Stanley Cup finals...
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