Friday, April 01, 2005

Blogs of the Month Plus One 

Now that I have my Sage RSS aggregator up and running, I have lots more blogs I can keep up with and use for my Blogs of the Month. Hopefully, I'll be better at changing them in a more timely manner. The new Blogs of the Month:

* Bacon and Eh's: Some Canadian hoser writes aboot her life. She sounds kind of like the Canadian Michele. Funny stuff.

* Amusing News: Catherine brings us important stories like the World Beard and Mustache Championship. It makes for a nice break from all that oh-so-serious news.

* Lost in Transit. A collective blog with entries from expatriates of various nationalities living in various locales. I could apply, since I'm often in the States of Confusion, Despair, and Stupidity.

I'll keep the Jerry Brown blog on the blogroll. It will be in Politics under Liberal Weiners.

Finally, in honor of today, I was going to give you this extra link: Bill Clinton Daily Diary. Instead, I've used the Google archives of the blog for all links.

Alas, a couple of days ago, some spoilsport had to take the site down. Dammit! The blog was funny too. I give you the funniest part of the blog: the earliest entries that "Clinton" wrote, from June 2004. Here is the one I like best:

The dragon lady just called. She'll be home tomorrow. She reminded me she had asked me to look through some legal papers for her senate commission. I really don't want to do that. Damn. I just can't get myself to do it. Not today. I'll have to make up some excuse tomorrow. I know she'll look at me with that "You let me down again" look. Yeah, yeah, shut up.

Chelsea called. Still with that curly head with his fake politeness.

I'll deal with her tomorrow. Hillary, that is. I mean I just finished a book of more than 900 pages. She could've been a bit more considerate towards me.

Too bad the blog is defunct, I like a good laugh. I also think that the writing is basically how Bill Clinton would write a blog if he was drunk enough. If you're curious about who exactly is (was) behind the Clinton blog, Jenny Rae tells the story here.

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