Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Not Dead Yet 

From the Calvin & Hobbes Tenth Anniversary Book by Bill Watterson. Click on the picture above for an enlarged view.Posted by Hello

It's been ten twelve days since I've last posted. I'm usually quiet, but I guess this was pushing it, even for me. Leave it to Caltechgirl to deliver a swift kick in the butt show concern. Thanks to Bill and Deb for leaving comments. You really like me!

Since it seems I get more comments when I don't blog, maybe I should just run an antiblog without posts. Just silence. It would be an improvement over Juan Cole or James Dobson.

Before I continue, allow me to sweep the tumbleweeds from the site.

SWEEEP. SWEEEP.Posted by Hello

Back to business, and all the thoughts whirling in my head that would have otherwise been on your computer screen sooner:

* That New Guy in the Pointy Hat: I surely can't be the only person who sees the new Pope Benedict XVI and thinks it's the substitute teacher, and the other guy will be back in a few more weeks. It's still weird to see then new guy in the pope's clothes.

* Elephants, Elephants!: I loved last week's story about the elephants rampaging through Seoul, South Korea. As for the elephants that went into the restaurant, the owner could only hope these were the same elephants that were trained to use the toilet.

* Working to Work: Ye Olde Job Hunt continues. Two more calls asking for a resume to be emailed. No word from either of those prospects in a week and a half. The weird thing is that in the past if I received word on a job, it often worked out. I'm going to spend the immediate future reviewing what I've been doing to see what improvements can be made.

* Civic Minded: Last week I was particularly saddened by the death of Marla Ruzicka in Iraq. Only 28, she started her own organization, CIVIC: Campaign for Innocent Victims of Conflict. She got Congress to give aid to Afghan and Iraqi civilians who lost loved ones during the war. This makes for a nice change from other antiwar protestors, whose idea of doing good is to block traffic, refuse to work with anyone who disagrees with them, and label Bush and the rest of America as "Nazis." Plus she had a wicked sense of humor that got to just about everyone, as noted by the San Francisco Chronicle article:

As she got older, her approach evolved from direct action to pragmatic cooperation. Her mother recalled an early episode when President Bush visited Sacramento during the California energy crisis.

"She mooned the president," her mother said. "The back of her underpants said, 'Public Power Now.' When she turned back around, the president looked her in the face -- he was only about a foot away -- and said, 'Cute.' "

* Lab Leftovers: Last week, the final cleanup of the labs/buildings was completed. I came away with a total haul of around three full carloads of random stuff. About half of that is earmarked for Bodega Marine Lab and The Marine Mammal Center, the rest is mine. Except I had to make room for it all (that's what took up the two previous weekends). Some of the random stuff I kept out of the Dumpster:

A couple of rolls of lab tape, one "Poison" and one "Corrosive," plus a bunch of biohazard stickers. I have yet to decide what pranks uses these will be chosen for.

A pair of brand-new Converse All-star sneakers that happen to fit me.

Two printers that turned out not to work anyway.

A roll of bubble wrap. Better and cheaper than those stress-relief balls.

Two large potted plants that almost immediately sunburned when I set them up at home.

An espresso machine. I drink espresso roughly twice a year, but the damn thing was free.

More scissors, hot chocolate, and sugar packs than any one person could ever use.

That's all for now, but the next post should be here before twelve more days have passed. If I haven't posted by May 8th, you can come carry me out on a pike.

CalTechGirl sent me this way and I'm glad she did. Hope you keep posting... enjoy your sense of humor. I do so miss Calvin and Hobbs.
Dude, excellent post-hibernation post.

I want some of those damn stickers!
Ben, I am glad that you are back. I have had a rough couple of days, and CTG has probably told you all about it already... But anyway, glad to see that you are back. Everyone that I also know (besides the lovely CTG) really needs one of those kicks in the arse, expecially all 25 of my students, as they have 16 or so teaching days left in the semester...
--CTG's DH
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