Friday, April 08, 2005


I've spent the last four days working at my old company, helping them clean up and give away all their assets. I've been really surprised how happy or sad I've been, depending on the particular moment.

The good moments have been seeing a lot of old people, some of whom have properly chastised me for not keeping touch. Also, since the company needs to clear everything out by next Friday, all manner of items are being given away or sold for pennies on the dollar. We've put the word out to local universities, and many of the biology professors leave our lab with cars set to explode with their biotech treasure troves. It's like Christmas for them, getting a microscope for $400, seeing we have reagents they were about to buy anyway for full price, and filling carts like they're contestants on the Game Show Network. If I have to see that fruits of my labor being given away, at least local colleges and small biotech start-ups are taking advantage.

On the other hand, the whole cleaning process has made me blue at times. All manner of people come in; people who currently have their lives and careers all set, no uncertainty, no doubt that next paycheck will roll in. I feel like a broken-down car stuck in first gear, while everyone zips along in the carpool lane.

When I feel that way, I do my best to shake it off, and tell myself that I am after more than the next job. Paying the bills is a part of life, and the paycheck signifies that you are indeed accomplishing something in the world. Still, my life did not start as a biotech Manufacturing Associate, nor will it likely end with me as such.

Still, it would be nice to know that I have a place to be each morning after these two weeks are up. Specifically someplace that puts a monetary value to my commitment of time and energy.

Ben, we love you anyway. Look at me, I will probably be 3000 miles away from where I am now, and I still do not have a job, or even any idea where I might be working after CTG gets her degree. I hope that the place we end up needs a science teacher for one of their own high schools. By the way, do you know of any high schools there that are looking for an earth/environmental or biology teacher? I know of a few biotech places here in NC that might me looking for someone of your ilk... So smile, and remember that it could be worse than it actually is!!!
--CTG's DH :)
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