Sunday, April 10, 2005

South Park Democrat 

I've heard of South Park Republicans, but I suppose I'm officially a South Park Democrat. I'm sure I qualify: I'm not what you would call a Bush supporter, but I supported both wars, and hippies are lame.

Here's my portrait, a la South Park:

Me Posted by Hello

It's a little more redneck than I normally look, but I had to sports the "Raisins" shirt (Fresno, represent!). I'm at my favorite place (the beach, of course!), and I'm eating an ice cream because I want to.

You can make your own South Park character here.

Courtesy of Caltechgirl, who was switched here blog to

Excellent. I love it.
I thought you picked the raisin tank top because you were smugglin' them.

Or maybe that joke only works on chicks. Unless you are a chick, then I guess you just had to be there. :D
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