Monday, April 11, 2005

Yip yip yip yip yip yip 

Bloggers are the best! I had a long nasty, day and I came home feeling down. I was hoping a stroll through my blogroll would provide me a reason to smile. Leave it to Michele to come through; she dug up this gem:

25 Of My Favorite Sesame Street Moments

Since I was the son of a kindergarten teacher, not watching Sesame Street wasn't an option for me. May I never get too old to enjoy priceless dialogue like this:

Bert: I... two the sandbox.
Ernie: I three the sandbox!
Bert: I four the sandbox.
Ernie: I five the sandbox!
Bert: I six the sandbox!
Ernie: I seven the sandbox!
Bert: I eight the sandbox!
Bert: ...yeah.
Ernie: How'd it taste, Bert? (classic Ernie giggle)
Bert: Aww, no

If you're too much of a sourpuss to find that funny, you can't be helped.

What really made my day was being reminded of these guys:

The Yip-Yips: From Wikipedia.comPosted by Hello

These are the Yip-Yips, who are apparently from Mars, and are so named because much of their conversations consist of "YipYipYipYipYipYip." Such positive guys.

Anyway, they would come into a room and attempt to identify a mysterious object by using their Earth guidebook. I guess Lonely Planet prints guides in Martian, too.

The Yip-Yips would do their best to identify the object by guessing what it was, then communicating with it by making the corresponding sound. "Cat, Cat? Meow, meow. Nope Nope NopeNopeNopeNopeNopeNope." "Cow, cow? Mooo, mooo. Nope Nope NopeNopeNope."

This would go on for awhile. They would finally get it right (often when the object made noise). This was punctuated by their trademark affirmation, and they would imitate the object ad museum. Here's an link to an MP3 file of the Yip-Yips encounter with a telephone.

Floppy puppets making noises in strange voices = funny. And I wished I could get my jaw to flap up and down like theirs did. Yet I hadn't thought about them in years and years.

Thanks blogosphere for the cheering up!

Dude, the Yip-Yips link is down, unless blogger is f***ed up again...
--CTG's DH
you'll comment on his page but not mine?

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DH, the link works just fine. Right-click and "Save link target as."

CTG, you wtote about my post without linking back?

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