Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Emailers Anonomyous 

Stop reading, quick!

A new study claims that overdosing on email, instant messaging, ect. may be more harmful to your brain than smoking pot.

The research conducted for HP by scientists from the Institute of Psychiatry at the University of London warns of the "abuse of always-on technology" in which "workers are literally addicted to checking e-mail and text messages during meetings, in the evening and at weekends."

The study called this condition info-mania.

If you want to stretch this, I suppose you could include news/blog aggregators like Sage. On some days, I hit "reload" every few minutes to see which blogs have just posted. In addition, the article tangentially provides more evidence of the polarization of opinions over technology:

The study also found that 89 percent of workers think colleagues who respond to e-mails or messages during meetings are "extremely rude." Paradoxically, 30 percent believe doing so is acceptable and even diligent.

I'm sure somewhere there is already a group for tech addicts, complete with a twelve-step program and everything. I don't think I will ever fall down into the dark pit of Technology Addiction. After all, I do everything half-assed, and I have an email inbox full of unread messages to prove it!

To everyone reading this, I have to reiterate that this article is total bunk. You should come back to this blog and check it early and often. The internet and computer commuications are wonderful inventions, providing hours of priceless entertainment and insightful knowledge.

That, and my site counter often gets lonely.

I wonder if they know about newsreaders and how it can easily tell you a blog has been updated. Hmmmm. It would probably cause even more havoc. :-)
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