Sunday, May 15, 2005

Insert Witty Post Here 

I'm alive! Honest. Most of the blame for a week's silence can be blamed on a missing laptop power cord, which my scatterbrain left at my mom's in Fresno. Fortunately, my cousin's wedding was this past weekend, so I was able to retrieve said power cord with only five days disruption.

I have several things I want to say, but the long posts take awhile to craft. If I only posted when I feel strongly creative, I would one post a few times a month (wait! But don't I....oh, never mind).

More silly stuff and personal news to come in the following days. Maybe even a job offer, but I have to wait to hear on that...

Cool!!! I have a few more days left at my job here, and then who knows... Maybe the same for me.
Glad to see that you are alive and well!
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