Friday, May 06, 2005

Meme Time 

Tag, I'm it.

The If It Could Be Me meme, originally from Ogre.

If I could be a scientist... I'm still trying to be just that. My primary interest and Bachelors degree are both in Marine Biology. However, my work experience and current job search is related to biotechnology.

Therefore, I'm already pretty involved in science. To answer the question, however, I would spend my days tidepooling somewhere here in California, attempting to figure out a ways to protect nearshore environments from things like invasive species, disease, and habitat loss.

If I could be a farmer... I would buy back my family's old raisin farm, grow some grapes and put Mr. Two-Buck Chuck out of business.

Oh, and have some horsies too.

If I could be a musician... I'd be a kickass drummer (I took drums in third and fourth grades). I would occasionally perform songs like the one on a Cheers episode, which featured a percussion rest so long that the percussionist was able to leave the symphony and get a beer. I'd probably go on tour with Stomp, because I would love to bang on all kinds everyday objects and get paid doing it.

If I could be a doctor..., I would be dating hot nurses. Yeah, sure...

If I could be a painter..., I would probably end up living in a shack by the beach or up in the mountains....and be very happy.

If I could be a gardener..., I would probably live a much simpler life (due to less income and better perspective).

If I could be a missionary..., heh heh, you said "missionary." OK, sorry. I would do the Lord's work in the toughest missionary field of all: Western Europe.

If I could be a chef..., I would take my Caifornian-Italian-French-Japanese fusion cuisine and go on Iron Chef. Make that the original Iron Chef.

If I could be an archetect..., I would do something about Fresno's God-awful urban sprawl.

If I could be a linguist...
, I would learn Spanish, German, Russian, Greek, Polish, Latin, Hebrew, Arabic, Cantonese, Japanese, Zulu,.....and English.

If I could be a psychologist..., I would be able to figure myself out.

If I could be a librarian..., I would be as funny as Laura Bush.

If I could be an athlete..., I would be the 49ers number one pick instead of Alex Smith.

If I could be a lawyer..., all my clients will get $2.1 million cash settlements. "I'll fight for you!"

If I could be an innkeeper..., I would run a quaint B&B in Vermont and find nice jobs for Larry, Darryl, and Darryl.

If I could be a professor..., I'd teach marine bio and have a lab with a view of the beach.

If I could be a proctologist..., I wouldn't be any more full of sh*t than I am right now.

If I could be an actor..., I would probably be wishing for a singing career.

If I could be a writer..., I would have a better blog and get more hits.

If I could be a back-up dancer..., I wouldn't let a hometown blog get a picture of my middle school ID cards.

If I could be a llama-rider..., I would move to Peru with my Peruvian college buddy Sandro and watch Universitario soccer games.

If I could be a bonnie pirate..., I would like to be the new Dread Pirate Roberts.

If I could be a midget stripper..., I would always hang out with Mini-Me. That guy is such a pimp!

If I could be a TV-Chat show host..., I would like to be as good as David Letterman. Plus I would take his "Will It Float?" and turn it into "Will It Burn?".

If I could be a Jedi..., I would use the Force to change the TV channel when I can't find the remote.

If I could be a judge..., I would punish people like her.

My contributions...

If I could be President...,I would make energy policy (conservation and new sources of energy) my second-most important priority behind The War on Terror.

If I could be an astronaut..., I would visit Mars, the rings of Saturn, and Uranus.

If I could be a gun-wielding vigilante..., I would start with the advertising agency responsible for the new Applebee's ads.

Helen and Bill (plus a blog to be named later), you have just been tagged. Answer at least five of the "If I could" statements, and add a few more if you like. Anyone else is certainly welcome to chime in, just leave a trackback link.

Tagged by Caltechgirl.

Thanks for the smile! And yes, I have already been tag'd (twice).
I was considering you, but didn't want to necessarily tag soeone who I've just started upp a converstaion with. Caltechgirl's Darling Husband is crafting a Blogspot blog, so I'll likely make him the next victim, ahem... person.

I'm glad I could get a laugh out of you! Have a good weekend.
Give me a few days, I will come up with something if you so desire... Talk with you later.
--GMTrojan (aka CTG's Darling Husband)
It seems you cover a bit of the same territory whether you are astronaut or a proctologist.
Dude, I am done with my Meme, and yes, I am ready for your "goodness". Have a great day!
--GMTrojan (blogger wont let me login while at work...)
Sorry Jay, but I would be lying if I said I had the maturity to not include Uranus in any space-based wittiness.
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