Thursday, May 05, 2005

Mi Blogoversavio 

Hoy es el dia de mi primer blogoversario. Quiero escribir mas y mejor en el ano proximo. Muchas gracicias de todos que visitaron en el ano pasado.

In the year this blog has been up, it has ebbed and flowed in the same way the rest of my life has. It has underacheved, been occasionaly busy and often slow, has had several instances of brilliance (IMHO), and has always been a slow-building work in progress. Kind of like me. Also like me, there's still plenty of time for it to get better. It's my job to make both of the above better, that is when I get done with any naps. Self-improvement is sure tiring work.

Happy blogoversary (or blogiversary or blogversary) to me, and Feliz Cinco de Mayo to you!

(This post is time-stamped to stay on top all day long. Any new stuff today will be below.)

Happy Blogversary!
gracicias? Sheesh.
Dude, that is ok. I now have one and I haven't even put up anything to blog about yet... Maybe I will have something to say tomorrow.
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