Monday, May 02, 2005

Quick Update 

Hello all:

I wanted to put a quick post up. I've been OK the past few days, doing some housecleaning and other related exciting things. Over the past few days/weeks, I've been pretty blu able the job situation, or lack thereof. There are a couple of prospects, but nothing to bet the farm on.

As for the lack of postings: well, being sad doesn't lend itself to wittiness. I have plenty to say, but haven't been able to, ....umm think good, yeah. All those ideas are still on the shelf, so I'll get around to writing new material more often. Hopefully in the coming weeks, things will perk up on both this blog and my labor situation.

(Insert clever ending comments here.)

It's your blog. Rant and rave if you want. I'll still pop over and give you a hard time either way. ;-)
she means it too :)

BTW, funny about the 26th.

Dude, go beat some cops up in GTA 3.
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