Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Ahh, Work 

I've obviously been quiet the last few days, basically using the start of my new position to go silent. Work has gone well. I still don't quite know what to think of the position. The best pay I've ever had in my life, amazing benifits, and I'm still not entirely clear on exactly what I'll be doing. I was hired pretty quick, and the negative part of me worries that I've been hired for something I have no qualification to do. Don't cry for me too much; the positive side of me treats this job like a twenty dollar bill found on the sidewalk. It doesn't really matter why hthis oppertunity fell into my lap, but it will take the Jaws of Life to pry this away from me now.

The past two days have been filled with orientation, and Wednesday will be the final day. Naturally, this involved sitting through many training sessions, trying in vain to absorb it all. The people on the site seem to be quite friendly, and I've enven bumped into a old coworker/friend who I haven't seen (except once) in four years.

I've been given a pretty through tour of the campus (ironically excluding the building I will work in), and I still havent gotten used to the place yet. For those of you reasonably familiar with Bay Area geography, the campus is located in Berkeley near the I-80 Freeway. On one side there is the view of the Berkeley Hills and the UC-Berkeley campus, on the other side is the view of San Francisco bay, San Francisco itself, and the Golden Gate Bridge. I find it just unreal to look around and realize this is where I work. No bland office park this time. The site itself is enclosed, keeping the urban rhythyms out and making for a relaxed feel. The place is practically its own city.

Ahh, yes...what I'll actually be doing. For a month (actually, as long as it takes), I'll be assisting in getting a new building production-ready. Once that happens, I'll be part of the team that purifies the product and aloquats the product into sterile containers. And to do this, I'll get nearly butt-naked and change into three layers of gowning and protection. Fun!

I want to see a picture of you with 3 layers of protection on!!! ;-)
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