Monday, June 06, 2005

Can You Say Publicity Stunt? 

I'm not nearly as dense to think that Russell Crowe planned his little phone-throwing tirade and arrest in New York early this morning. However, I have to believe that others in Hollywood are looking at the free press time Crowe is getting, right before the release of his new movie, and thinking, "Could I generate this kind of attention before the release of my client's next movie?"

Naaah, that could never happen. Sure, and all those homemade celebrity sex tapes just happened to get stolen and released to the public.

Apparently, all he was trying to do was call home to Australia to talk to his kids (hence the 4:30am time), his phone didn't work, and the hotel was giving him flack about replacing it right then. So he went down, blew his cool, and hence the incident.

Course, now he's a nice family guy, just trying to talk to his kids who was misunderstood. Perfect for the new movie!

Still, it's better than jumping up and down on couches on national tv.
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