Monday, June 20, 2005

News Smorgasbord 

I haven't talked much lately about news and current events, so here is my a la carte selection of stories that caught my attention today:

* Aloha? Did Polynesians visit Southern California before the time of Columbus? One controversial new thesis thinks so. I think archaeologists will eventually find out that the Discovery of America is far more complex story than anyone now believes, with evidence other people made it to America long before current assumptions say.

* This is just disgusting, but I'm not at all surprised. It goes to show just how the mental disorder of "martyrdom" can warp a mind. I bet there are plenty of potential bombers who think preschools would make a great target too.

* Billy Graham is set to perform what some say will be his final crusade this weekend, and he chose the location that he once considered his greatest challenge.

* I don't see a Doritos ad in his future: New details about Saddam Hussein are given by his former prison guards:

Saddam Hussein loves Doritos, hates Froot Loops, admires President Reagan, thinks Clinton was "OK" and considers both Presidents Bush "no good." He talks a lot, worries about germs and insists he is still president of

If I were Saddam, I would hate Froot Loops too. That Toucan Sam has a strong enough nose to sniff out Saddam's hidden WMDs.

* A couple of watermen pulled up a crab that's split down the middle, one half side male and the other half female. Talk about your bipolar disorders!

* Umm, why can't ice hockey work this fast? The NBA is apparently close to a new collective bargaining agreement. Most interesting is a possible age limit where rookies would have to be at least 19 years old. Good idea.

* And finally, because people aren't talking about Tom Cruise enough lately **cough, bullsh**, cough**: Watergate II, You Got Hosed! Just because Tom has been running his mouth and abusing defenseless couches lately doesn't give some jerk the right to squirt water in his face. My naturally paranoid mind comes up with the thought: "What if the guy squirted something other than water?" In this new era, does Hollywood now have to re-evaluate how to screen fans and journalists on the red carpet? I'm just saying...

What did I do in the days before my RSS feeder let me check a dozen stories at once?

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