Thursday, June 09, 2005

One Goes Up, One Goes Down 

I guess we can't possibly have labor peace in all four major North American sports at the same time, can we?

First, good news on the hockey front, which has been in the deep-freeze while the rinks have been ice-free. The owners and players appear to have agreed in principle on a new salary cap:

TORONTO -- For the first time in 266 days of the National Hockey League lockout, there is hope for an end, as sources with ties to both sides of the labour dispute say the players and owners have cleared their biggest hurdle by agreeing on a formula for a salary cap.

The cap, which sources say will be tied to a percentage of team revenues, is expected to form the foundation of a six-year deal.

If this pans out, both sides still have a long way to go before a deal is done. A ton of other issues need to be agreed upon, but this is progress.

That's a lot more than pro basketball can say, they're going in the opposite directionn:

Deputy commissioner Russ Granik told members of the NBA's competition committee Monday to prepare for a lockout, four league sources, including two NBA general managers, have told

League spokesman Tim Frank was more circumspect when confirming Granik's remarks, saying Granik told the committee "to prepare in case of a lockout."

Sources, some at the NBA's pre-draft camp in Chicago, who spoke on the condition of anonymity, are not optimistic that the league and the players' union can reach agreement on a new collective-bargaining agreement before the current contract expires June 30.

I'm about the only person I know that is both a basketball and a hockey aficionado. A fan of one sport will usually stare down their nose at the other sport. A basketball lockout would get much more attention than the current hockey lockout, and the league would be in better shape after a lockout than the NHL will be.

I just wish all theses well-paid guys who are supposed to reach these labor agreements in sports would do there job without always having to play chicken, but I think it will always be like this.

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