Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Our House... 

...In the Middle of Our Street!

That was Madness, as in the 80's band. This story is madness, as in the homeowners can't be enjoying the new view out their kitchen window:

VISALIA — Elizabeth and Jon Harrell can't wait to move into their new home, but they faced one obstacle Monday morning most home buyers don't encounter — their home temporarily stuck in the middle of the street.

Home movers were trying to move the Harrells' home from an area west of Farmersville to its new location near Exeter when a construction project the movers didn't know about on the proposed route caused a last-minute problem.

Fortunately, there was a happy ending for the wayward house.

The sight of the home blocking part of Walnut caused passing motorists to stop and stare as they were directed by moving company workers around the stranded home. After a couple of hours, movers were able to get the structure moving again.

To those of you moving, try not to stress over it too much. It could be worse.

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