Monday, June 13, 2005

You're Kidding Me, Right? 

Not Guilty on all charges???

I thought Michael Jackson would certainly have been convicted on some of those more minor charges, especially the charges involving giving alcohol to minors.

I know I didn't speak of the matter until now, but I had a rather set opinion on the whole sordid matter. While it will continue to be argued whether or not Jackson's actions broke the law, I think it cannot be in dispute that Michael has serious problems regarding children. Yes, Michael, there's nothing inherently wrong with wanting to be a child again; we all sometimes do it. However, there are several actions that are over the line and grossly inappropriate. Michael may be not guilty of crimes against children, but I still wouldn't want anyone's children associated with him. Even without being a convicted sex offender, he still appears to have a multitude of psychological issues that puts the well being of any children around him at risk.

Nobody won today. The victims of Jackson's inappropriate behavior did not get justice, and Jackson will continue to live in a fantasy world where nobody will be willing to step in (for his own good), and speak out against Michael's transgressions. If anything positive can be taken from this, it's perhaps then need to more closely nurture child celebrities, so that the problems that have plagued Jackson can be minimized in others.

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