Monday, July 04, 2005

Gimme My Receipt! 

A couple of days ago Alameda County, where I live (main city: Oakland), decided to keep the electronic voting machines it's been using the past couple of elections. The machines are manufactured by Diebold, which has received quite a bit of criticism, some of which is noted in the article.

I have to admit I'm pretty wary of the touch-screen machines. I do worry that the votes contained electronically within the machines could be deleted or altered. But honestly, it can't be said that paper votes can be deleted or altered too. Shortly after the November 2001 election, several ballot box lids from the City of San Francisco were found floating in the bay! Clearly, someone can screw up or falsify votes regardless of which method is used to tabulate.

This is why I'm put more at ease that a state law was passed requiring all electronic voting machines to print out a paper receipt of the vote. And also, at least in California, any voter can demand to use a paper ballot at the polling booth. The poll workers won't tell you this fact, but once you ask, they will gladly provide the paper ballot. This is what I did for the November 2004 election.

Please, no more Floridas.

BLHHHHHHHHHHHH from a Floridian
Oops! I can see why Floridians can be sensitive :)

Of course, California always does its best to maintain its crown as America's Nuttiest State. You guys haven't had a recall election yet....

I'm sure that Floridians especially don't want anymore incidents like the Year 2000.

Happy July 4th!
We have so many weird things happen here. Maybe because the average age must be 70! ;-)

Definitely don't want a repeat... but we'll see what happens.
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