Sunday, July 03, 2005


It's been a busy week. Yesterday, one more task was added:

Poof! Posted by Picasa

Get a new tire!

Tire guts. Posted by Picasa

Check out gnarly tire damage! I knew it would be a great idea to always keep my new digital camera with me.

I had a blowout coming back from my weekly trip assisting at Bodega Marine Lab. Fortunately, when the tire went, I had enough time to pull over safely off the freeway. I made an attempt to put the spare on myself, but I was starting to strip the bolts on the hubcap. Little did I know that those hubcap bolts were fake ornamental, so it didn't matter. I ended up calling AAA, and theyy did their usual professional job. Still though, I got a little more sun yesterday than I was planning on. At least I had some scenery to look at while I waited.

Novato, CA, in northern Marin County, CA.Posted by Picasa

Whenever I travel up Highway 101 North past Novato, I always wonder what this building in the picture is. It's kind of isolated, halfway up the hill overlooking the rest of the town. I always inagine something sinister going on there. Perhaps it's a field office of a James Bond villian, or Hank Scorpio, the villian on the Simpsons who took over the East Coast.

Hey, I had to have something to think about while I was stuck on the highway waiting for the road service.

I'd work for Hank Scorpio...
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