Thursday, July 21, 2005

London Redux 

It's still early to tell, but it appears that there has been another attempt to cause more carnage on the London Underground. This has started around 12:35 London time. Three stations evacuated, one unconfirmed now confirmed report of a malfunctioning nail bomb. Fox News reports a witness saying of another possible indicent on a bus. No causualities confirmed yet. The Command Post is on top of the story, and should update frequently all day. I'll be at work (and away from an internet connection), so I'll update much later today.

Looks like a likely follow-up London attack ended up stillborn. Every time I take the local BART trains to work, this seems to happen. Oh well, the last thing people should do is give in to these bastards and uproot out lives.

By the way, we are still not afraid!

UPDATE: Fortunately, no more incidents in eather London or anywhere else. As for effects locally, there was an announcement on BART this evening that trains coming from SF into the East Bay through the Transbay Tube would be about 10 minutes late due to security precautions. Fortunately, this doesn't effect my route. BART has a press release that mentions one of the precautions being taken is employing a bomb-sniffing dog to check trains headed toward San Francisco. Is it too difficult to get another dog to check trains moving through the Tube away from San Francisco? Duh!

Also, here is a transcript of Australian Prime Minister John Howard answering a question regarding the London terrorism and any connection to British involvement in the Iraq War. The jist of it was these people were threatening long before Iraq, and before even Afghanistan. Say what you want to about Iraq, these people wouldn't hate us any less if Iraq didn't happen.

However, that alone doesn't justify everything that took place in Iraq, but that's another matter.

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