Monday, July 25, 2005

My Weekend 

This past weekend, I hosted old college friend Bill, plus his friend Naeem. Bill is on a sacred quest to visit every single major league ballpark. This weekend was San Francisco's turn. Plus Bill would get the chance to enter the belly of the beast; a LA Dodger fan in SBC Park.

Bill and Naeem brought up more than a meal of Pioneer Chicken for another friend (don't ask). They also brought up a bright-blue Dodger Curse for those hated Giants. Final score of the Marlins vs. Giants on Saturday night: 16-4.


Being a lukewarm Oakland A's fan, I was able to take in the action in nonpartisan fashion. I could enjoy the pregame ceremony honoring ex-Giant Gaylord Perry, and I could enjoy the cascade of boos that the fans gave the struggling home team. Bill has his own (better) pics, including the actual people in our group. Unlike mine, where I went for the scenery.

Shipping Containers at the Port of Oakland.Posted by Picasa

Stuck in traffic waiting to get on the Bay Bridge? Why not snap some pictures? This shot is (naturally) from the Port of Oakland. Not quite "pretty," but I like this picture just the same.

Number 36 Retirement Ceremony.Posted by Picasa

The game we attended happened to have the retirement ceremony for Gaylord Perry's number 36. He was famous for his tenacity and his, ...ahem... spitballs. Oh well. And yes, we were in nosebleed seats. It was still fun.

Home-run fireworks. The lone highlight of the Giants' night.Posted by Picasa

Splash Landing Posted by Picasa

Looking south; the right field wall, McCovey Cove, and the stadium parking lot.

Gameshot Posted by Picasa

This was the best picture I took of actual game footage. The game got away pretty quickly, and I wasn't paying that close attention anyway.

A shot looking north from the concession stands underneath the stadium. I know I couldn't afford to live in any of these condos.Posted by Picasa

Bay BridgePosted by Picasa

The view of the Bay Bridge from the stadium. With views like this, it's easy to forget there's a game on.

My husband and his best friend hit most of the major stadiums on the East Coast including one near (or is in?) Canada. They had so much fun. Hope you enjoyed it as well.
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