Sunday, July 10, 2005

We Are Not Afraid 

Busy weekend this was. A trip to my mom's in Fresno was on the agenda; I hadn't been back in two months. Plus, I got to see Caltechgirl, her husband GMT, plus Caltechmom and Caltechdad. I always get a kick out of seeing that CTG's high school mementos are still in the same places they were ten years ago.

More to say later on, but a couple of items first:

Hurricane Dennis did its worst, which fortunately wasn't too bad. No deaths in the USA (condolences to the Caribbean, which lost 20 people), and less damage than last year's Hurricane Ivan, which took the same path. Hopefully the US death toll will stay at zero, and crooked reconstruction contractors will be kept away.

Via Instapundit:

This totally rocks. People send in pictures of themselves, or someone close, with the words "We Are Not Afraid" support the people of London against terrorism. Some people who are good with PhotoShop also have sent in some neat stuff.

Some of my favorites are here, here, here, here, and here.

It's such a simple thing, but I felt really uplifted looking at some of the submissions. I guess it's that feeling that the world is smaller than it often seems, and that good people will always come together to support each other. It makes me feel like many from around the world would care and help, if God forbid, something heinous happened much closer to my home. I'm sure Londoners who visit the site are uplifted.

Thanks for the info on Dennis and WeAreNotAfraid.
Thanks. We enjoyed seeing you too.
No problem. VW, I'm glad your mom and sisters are safe. It seems like Pensacola has had a giant hurricane magnet the past couple of years. Congrats on the move. I love the graphics, especially the running dog.

GMT and CTG, good luck finding a place. And you're welcome up here if you need a break from the stress.
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