Sunday, August 07, 2005

Another Weekend 

Another weekend, another festival. This time, it was the local Fremont Festival of the Arts. Billing itself as "the largest free street-festival in California," it wound up its two-day run on Sunday. I like the fact that the festival is less than two miles from my front door.

It consists mainly of rows of cubicles where independent artists sell their wares. This year, I walked away with a few trinkets, including a few things that will end up as birthday or Christmas presents. Why not spend the money on mom-and-pop artists as opposed to Wal-Mart and Target?

Also, this was the sixtieth anniversary of the atomic bomb drop on Hiroshima. I'm not going to get into the debate of the whole thing; I just wanted to mention that the Discovery Channel did a fine show telling the story of the bombing. That stirred up my curiosity, so I went surfing online for World War II stuff.

Because I like to look up stuff I get curious about. As opposed to, say, blogging regularly. I'm a big Wikipedia addict, but I digress.

Anyway, I found out some neat facts about the war on the US West Coast. I knew that an oil refinery near Santa Barbara had been shelled by a Japanese sub. However, I did not know about some other events: the "Battle of Los Angeles," when antiaircraft gunners shot the hell out of the sky, thinking that enemy aircraft were conducting a raid; a couple of balloon bombs that fell on rural California, and an oil tanker sunk by a Japanese sub off Cayucos, on the California Central Coast.

I never realized that there was combat so close to places I'm familiar with. But then again, there were plenty of other states, like Florida and Oregon, that had warfare so near.

My weekend was the Festival, satisfying my inner history geek, and cleaning around the apartment. Coulda been worse.

And to close, happy late birthday Helen!

I can't believe you didn't know about the Cayucos thing. I did.... but then I've spent more time there than you...
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