Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Blogroll Dusting 

OK yes, I do let my blog get dusty from time to time. It ends up falling behind other priorities, like watching the insides of my eyelids. Lately, the blogroll has accumulated the most dust.

Time to get out that old dust mop...Whoosh!


Now that the dust had been knocked off, it's time to make a few changes, some additions, and some subtractions. First off, I'm changing the Blogs of the Month (on the 10th, no less). I'll try to do better in the future to change them out around the first of the month.

The newest selections:

* The Bay Area is Talking. This is the compilation weblog put together by the local station KRON-4, a legacy of the bloggers' meetup I attended in June. For the locals, or anyone interested in the comings and goings of Greater San Francisco, this is the place to hear bloggers rant about what is going on in their communities, lives, and/or heads. For some odd reason, it even features some of my stuff from time to time. Ahh, nepotism...

* Michael Yon. A newsblog from an independent reporter following the troops in Iraq. His accounts are memorable because it tells stories at the individual level. The blog mainly tells the stories of the US troops, but it speaks of good and bad news. You aren't likely going to get this kind of storytelling in newspapers.

* A Hamburger Today. Yummy! Not every blog needs to be a personal diary, a political or a newsblog. This is a blog devoted to that most American of pursuits: the perfect hamburger.

I've also added a few more blogs to the permanent blogroll listings. I've added FresBlog under the California Blogs. The Bull Moose Blog is under Liberal Wieners in the Politics Blogs section (IMHO, still the best blog of a liberal hawk, something I can relate to). Also, I've added Michelle Malkin under the Rightwing Nutjobs area of Politics; she's a conservative journalist who has top-notch writing and tons of links on the major stories of the day.

Plus, I have to send out some overdue linky love. VW's One Happy Dog Speaks is under Primary Blogs: Domestic, and Ith's Absinthe & Cookies is under Primary Blogs: California. A couple of additional female perspectives, with much wittiness served up.

Enough housekeeping. It's too warm in here. I feel like some ice cream....

** doing the happy dance ** I'm made it to your blogroll!
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