Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Hurricane Katrina Relief Efforts 

I don't mean to beat people over the head with this. If you feel moved to give, please do so.

First off, I'm joining NZ Bear's group blogging effort to raise funds for disaster relief. Thursday, September 1st is the designated Blog for Relief Day, but don't let that stop you if the date is later.

I've decided to recommend America's Second Harvest as a charity to send a donation to. They have done outstanding work for years the nation's largest food bank network. I've given to them in the past, and they do an excellent job of stretching their dollars to maximum benefit. Considering the state of sanitation through the affected areas, plus lack of refrigeration, getting food to hurricane victims will be a top priority.

Once you contribute, please go to NZ Bear's contribution logging page to record your efforts. Thanks in advance!

If you're interested in another charity, or are looking for the right charity to support, Glenn Reynolds has compiled an extensive list of worthy charities. Also, see the Katrina Help wiki page for more information.

It was mentioned on FoxNews during their hurricane coverage that the US government rated a catastrophic hurricane strike as the third most likely extreme natural disaster to strike America. It was mentioned that the single most likely event was a catastophic earthquake in the San Francisco Bay Area. Number two wasn't mentioned, but I would be good money that it was/is a similar catastrophic earthquake in Greater Los Angeles. It won't likely be too far off in the future when we in California will be dependant upon the generosity of people in places like New Orleans.

With the anniversary if 9/11 next week, when better to come together as Americans?

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