Monday, August 22, 2005

I Can Outquirky All of You 

I see that several different bloggers have decided to list some of their more quirky traits.

Amateurs. I can run quirky laps around all of you. Pity my possible future wife.

Yes, I too much sleep covered. But I think I take it one (or more) step(s) farther. Not only must I sleep covered, but it must be a heavy blanket. No exceptions for hot summer nights. Plus, when it does get hot, I must have a fan blowing air directly on my face. Positioning the fan in the exact position is a major part of my bedtime chores. I often listen to music when I sleep, which is not unusual in the least. My tastes vary, but the music I find most soothing is 2000's dance/club music. I find that the simple melodic structure and uncomplicated lyrics actually relax me. Go figure.

OK, here's one I'm kind of embarrassed to admit: Going to the barbershop is a big deal. I don't have any fear of scissors or losing my hair. For me, it's the claustrophobic nature of the experience that makes me leery. I'm stuck in a chair for at least fifteen minutes, and I have to sit still and try to make decent conversation. Plus, I hate staring at myself in the mirror for extended periods of time. I have to work up the will to get my hair taken care of. Yes, I'm officially nuts.

Here's one: I eat the courses of my meal one at a time. If I get a burger and fries, I always finish the fries before I start on the burger. Or I eat all the mashed potatoes before I start in on the steak. Of all my quirks, this is the one that the widest variety of people has commented on.

Caltechgirl mentioned she cannot stand the sound of people chewing. I have something weirder; I cannot stand the sound of a beverage being poured in TV/radio commercials. If I hear a Coke commercial where the Coke is being poured, I get grossed out. I guess to me it sounds too much like the sound of Coke leaving the body.

I don't think I'm unique in this department: I have sports quirks. If I'm watching a game and my team does well, I have to sit, act, and/or eat the same way during the rest of the game. Because of this I feel I am personally responsible of at lest a couple of 80's Laker championships, and the 49ers come-from-behind playoff victory over the New York Giants a few years back.

A childhood holdover: When I walk down a sidewalk, I often, consciously avoid stepping on lines and cracks. I will not be responsible for breaking either my mother's back or spine.

I have a nasty fear of heights, but I love to look out the airplane window. I guess my subconscious can't process the faraway scenery as being really high up.

The TV must always be on. These days, I have it on mute more often than not, and I'm reading or on the computer. But I still feel weird if that TV isn't on.

As evident on this blog from time to time, I hate to review my own writing. This ends up with more spelling goofs than my IQ and education would allow for. This quirk would be a good one to change.

I've never had a committed romantic relationship, although there were a few dates, loves, and flings. I scored very high on the quirkyalone test, big surprise. Yet the majority of my friends since toddlerhood have been women. Even most of the bloggers I've gotten to know are women, go figure.

For some weird reason, if I'm on the freeway and I don't read the exit sign at an interchange, I'll often afterwards turn my head and read the same sign on the opposite direction of the highway. I guess my subconscious needs that reassurance that it really was Sixth Street I just passed.

My morning quirks are the stuff of legend. No conversation or bright lights allowed for at least forty-five minutes. When the alarm goes off, the TV or radio goes on, and I listen to it for at least half an hour before getting up. Coffee right away will usually make me feel worse. And I am not fully awake until I have loudly stretched a half dozen times, and most strangely, coughed like a chain-smoker. I do this even when I'm perfectly healthy.

One thing I do not do: insist the TP must go a certain way. When people bring up to me that they care about this, I look at them like they have a form of brain damage. But I think I usually end up with the TP on the outside, if you must know.

More like "a few dates, loves, flings" and one amazingly loud early morning argument :)
Oh yeah, and if I had your hair I'd be paranoid about haircuts too :)
Ha-ha! That hair comment just made me laugh.

You're not the only one who eats things in a certain order, though. I do it, too. Once, a group of friends I was with started discussing all our little obesessive-compulsive quirks at a table. It's amazing how many we all had.

Maybe I will copy you and post something quirky about myself in my blog tonight. Then again, maybe I'll just forget 'cause I'll be too tired.
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