Sunday, August 07, 2005

Peter Jennings, Last of the Big Three 

Wow. Peter Jennings died tonight. I knew he had cancer, but I didn't realize he was so sick.

First Tom Brokaw retired. Then Dan Rather,..ahem..., I guess the polite way to say it is he "left." Now Peter Jennings has died. With all due respect to NBC's Brian Williams, there is no Big Anchorman left on network TV.

For my mom, the evening news was as much a part of dinner as the food. Without all those viewings of the network news, I probably wouldn't care as much about world or local events, I wouldn't be politically knowledgeable, andI probably would have cared to read blogs or start one myself. Now all three of the men who anchored the evening news during those years have moved on. I feel quite a bit older tonight.

Rest in Peace, Peter Jennings.

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