Tuesday, September 06, 2005

I've Been Condoed 

2005 has been a big year of change for lots of people I know. Caltechgirl got her degree and is now Dr. Caltechgirl, evil genius. Grand Moff Trojan, Helen, and I all got new jobs. The same three all moved. Plus, CTG and VW pulled up cyberstakes and became MuNuvians.

So why should I be surprised that I've been officially condoed.

Condoed: verb, past tense. To have the apartment in which you've been residing get turned into a condominium. Example: Since the apartment in which I've lived the past five years has been condoed, Exgaucho is now looking for a new, better apartment.

Goodbye suckers! I'm gonna move closer to work in Berkeley, and get more square footage close to the beach in the city of Alameda. Who hoo! Tomorrow, I'm going to tour a promising one bedroom place. For slightly more per month than I pay now, I'll be one block from the beach in nearly double the square footage. The place may even have that greatest of all Western inventions: air conditioning! Needless to say, I hope this particular place works out.

Good luck to the suckers who bought the apartment complex, and who have to try to market a studio condominium with 425 square feet. This apartment has been fine to rent, but I wouldn't want to own it (or turn around and sell it, for that matter).

Good luck with the move. It certainly makes driving up and visiting easier, if we don't have to drop anohter 30 minutes down to Fremont.

But seriously, only a little bit more per month? And close to the bay? And A/C (you're right, the invetnion of gunpowder has nothing on A/C. SOmething must be wrong somewhere. Maybe noisy neighboors or something. Stay on your toes!

Naah, nothing's wrong, it's Alameda, which is by default less desirable.... being a military ISLAND and all....
BTW that's evil SUPERgenius to you....
OK Wille E.
Does that mean somebody's place of residence was built by Acme?
So, what happened today????
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