Sunday, September 25, 2005

Those Pictures I Promised 

OK, so a week later, here are the pictures of the LA trip I took two weeks ago:

First up, picture from the Dodger game versus San Diego, attended by Bill, Caltechgirl, GMT, Sandro, Naim and myself, among others.

The "Dodgerwood" sign behind Dodger Stadium.Posted by Picasa

Dodger Stadium.Posted by Picasa

A stadium-long mural featuring some of the current roster.Posted by Picasa

The stadium scoreboard.Posted by Picasa

The Dodger scoreboard could use spellcheck, heehee.Posted by Picasa

A solidly hit ball.Posted by Picasa

A view of the outfield.Posted by Picasa

After the baseball game, Bill, Sandro and I headed down to the Home DepotCenter in nearby Carson to watch the Major League Soccer's Los Angeles Galaxy take on Colorado.

Galaxians fan group cheering on the LA Galaxy.Posted by Picasa

Goal!!!Posted by Picasa

Galaxy goalie Kevin Hartman clears the ball.Posted by Picasa

Confetti rain after another Galaxy goal. I really like how this pic turned out.Posted by Picasa

A picture of game action. I'm still working on getting better non-blurry shots of live action.Posted by Picasa

Even if I'm tardy getting them up, I feel happy with them. I'm starting to get the hang of using my digital camera, and I hope to make event photos a common feature here.

Now I just need to process and post them quicker!

Notice out of that group of Galaxians, who is not cheering loudly?
You take pleasure in the most twisted things...

keep it up :)

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