Sunday, September 18, 2005

Where the Heck Did September Go? 

Is it really September 18th?

Time flies when you're having fun (or not sometimes). Here's what ate up the last twelve days:

1.) Who hoo! I have a 95.732 percent probability of having a new place. As I mentioned below, I focused my apartment search on the city of Alameda, specifically a nice neighborhood near the bayshore and the old naval base. The place I **should hopefully** have cost almost exactly the same as this place. Plus it has 100 extra square feet, is a two minute walk to the shore, has a community sauna (Is this laptop steam-proof?), and has a room set up for wi-fi for those certain bloggy friends who should ever drop in (nudge, nudge). Am I happy and relieved? Oh yeah. I move in October 11th.

2.) Work. All I need to say is there are issues and occurrences that are best left off the page and out of my mind. Nothing drastic, just the usual steaming bowl of office politics. Such is life.

3.) Road trip! Road trip! Mostly I was worn out pooped from doing a LA trip last weekend. A summary of the trip in as few words as possible: Caltechgirl, Grand Moff Trojan, Bill, Sandro. Dodgers win, Galaxy win; too late for the Dodgers, the Galaxy are still alive. Pasadena is still cool; LA looks great on non-smog days. Will do a separate post on it with more words and pictures :)

4.) My latest toy. The iRiver H10 MP3 player. It holds music, pictures, and text files as well as has FM radio capabilities. So far, it syncs up with Yahoo's el cheapo (but good) music service perfectly. The only drawback is that Amazon users warn the customer service isn't awful, it's nonexistent. Hopefully, this will never be an issue. Life is good, and yes, I expect to be buried with the thing.

5.) In the news, it's still pretty much Katrina all the time. I have to say that I was impressed with the President's admission of responsibility for the recovery effort missteps. The Governor of Louisiana followed. It's a good start to righting the ship.

6.) Last week's 49ers win versus the Rams was so sweet that even today's uber-rout at the hands of Philly can't wipe the smile off my face. When you go 2-14 last year, the only direction is up.

Bed awaits, since my days start at 5:30am this week. Time for me to get my sleep on.

Geeze, all that and you didn't stop to post? GRIN. Nice to hear you found a place to live. Can't wait to hear of the next adventure... and where are the stories about your trip???
Gosh, it's nice to be missed...

I should be able to scrape some time together and post some pics soon.
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