Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Amazing Race: DC Edition 

Week two of this season's Amazing Race was decent. Most of the show revolved around the Nation's Capital. After starting off in Pennsylvania Amish Country, the teams headed off to DC. After finding their clue at the Capitol Reflecting Pool (not the other Reflecting Pool!), tams had to play a silly spy game. They walked around the Tidal Pool with a briefcase, telling "spies" with briefcases "The sky is blue." The correct spy answered "The sea is green." Yawn. Didn't get into that one.

Next, the teams had to drive to a Civil War reenactment in Northern Virginia. Cool! Here the faced a Detour: Heat of the Battle or Heat of the Night. That meant teams either had to carry woulded soldiers off the battlefield on a stretcher, or the had to fill up and light twenty kerosene lamps. Once done, the teams received a battle flag and headed off to the Pit Stop.

It certainly seems that this Family Edition of The Amazing Race will be much more sedate than past seasons. Which is to be expected since many teams have kids in tow. Speaking of the kids, one of the more amusing parts of this episode was the footage of the Team Marathon (the Gaghans) kids goofing in back of the car like any family roadtrip.

As for the standings, Team Nascar (the Weavers) finished first. I really liked their reaction to winning a vacation; they seemed to really appreciate it. Team Bayou (the Rogers) can in last and was eliminated. They performed the TAR cardinal sin, they got lost during the drive.

Other than Team New Yawk's (the Paolos) constant bickering, that's about all the action. I suspect they will last about another New Yawk minute.

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