Thursday, October 13, 2005


Hur-ray! I set up in my new place in Alameda. Naturally, I had to do a great deal of hand-holding and cajoling of the old and new rental offices in order to finally get the keys. I spent the weekend in Fresno to visit my mom for her birthday. Before I left, I called the Alameda place to double-check that all was well for the move-in on Tuesday. No answer, so I leave a message.

Fast forward to Sunday evening. I come home and see I have a message on the machine. "Great," I think, "the Alameda place left a message saying all is well."

Wrong. They had a question regarding my credit score (an old dentist bill that the office sent to the wrong address, which lead to a collection). Also, they said the Fremont place never sent back the verification sheet! I wasn't pissed at Fremont; I was pissed at Alameda for waiting until the weekend before the move to let me know. Grrrrr!!!

OK, so on Monday I call the Alameda place. I have them re-fax the sheet. I call the Fremont place and ask them to send it back when they get it. Tuesday, the day of the move comes, and I call Alameda. They still haven't received the form. By this point, I'm not very surprised by this. I go in person to the Fremont office, and the lady says their fax was down all Monday and is still down. Oh goody, I get to drive the 20-some miles to Alameda, get the form, return to Fremont to have it signed, then go back to get my keys.

Then as I'm about to leave, the original completed form is found in the inbox. Half of me is relieved, the other half wants to curse up a blue streak. I did manage to get the keys as scheduled on Tuesday. And neither office lady at either place will be on my Christmas card list.

OK, so now it's Thursday. So far I have the phone hooked up; the cable and (most importantly) internet were just hooked up. I'm sleeping in my sleeping bag until I bring up the big furniture this weekend. And I've managed to handle all thus while working swing hours (12-8pm) this week. But I'm happy the place is finally mine. Much more about basically everything soon. Plus some pics of both apartments.

so send me your new number so I can call you. Duh....
oh, and YAY!!!!
Hip Hip Hurray!!!! Glad you got your internet hooked up! Got those priorities straight! ;-)
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