Thursday, October 27, 2005

Now I Can Catch My Breath 


It is Sunday night Thursday morning, and I am happy but pooped. I spent the week moving piles of possessions around in my new apartment. The place started as just being rooms holding piles of stuff. Now it feels more comfortable, more familiar. The switch happened for me when I set up and turned on the first lamp. It's really something what a simple thing like lighting can do for a room. When that lamp went on, the feeling was like a key fitting into a lock.

Now it feels like home...

October has gone by so fast; I've been out of the loop for so long. A partial list of things I've missed since the beginning of the month:

* Former 49er starting QB Tim Rattay traded.

* The USC-Notre Dame football game.

* Caltechgirl's new job.

* Hurricane Wilma and VW's experiences with said hurricane.

* A frozen body, likely a World War II airman, found in the High Sierra mountains near Fresno.

* Two disgusting, high-profile murder cases here in the Bay Area.

* California politics: It's proposition season again in California. Too many commercials, too much confusion, and most California voters will likely end up voting "No" on everything. I'll elaborate on this soon.

* I missed two and one half weeks of The Amazing Race! (I caught the last half of the show this week. Team In-Laws royally blew it when the failed to grab a ticket for the NASA centrifuge ride, and eventually got eliminated. The next week, Team Stepfamily blew it, and was eliminated in their own hometown of New Orleans. Finally, this last episode saw the annoying Team Doublemint Twins Squared come in last, but avoid elimination due to the stage being a non-elimination stage. Nuts! I can't stand them or Team NASCAR (the Weaver Family).

* The start of hockey season. Unfortunately, the Sharks are pretty far removed from first place.

* The LA Galaxy won the US Open Cup, the oldest major soccer tournament in the country.

* A surfer was bitten by a shark, not far from the Bodega Marine Lab where I assisted earlier this year.

* The Discovery Channel show Dirty Jobs, had a great segment on being a volunteer at The Marine Mammal Center. Host Mike Rowe even tried to taste the fish mash fed to the elephant seals. Yuck!

* The Chicago White Sox' World Series victory, which included the longest World Series game ever. Cubs fans are less than thrilled, and now alone in being cursed.

* GMT (AKA Caltechgirl's DH), and his experiences catching cheaters in his class.

* Harriet Miers has come and gone. I sided with the conservatives on this one. She was completely unqualified to sit on the Supreme Court and I will not miss her.

I did however miss blogging, I missed checking the site meter to see who visited, and I missed the comments left here. All the best to my bloggy buddies, I will write more soon.

Nice to see you back.
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