Thursday, November 03, 2005

Amazing Race: In the Jungle 

I dunno, I'm having a tougher time getting into this edition of The Amazing Race. Of the teams that are left, I can't find a team I'm solidly behind.

Oh well. At least the scenery is nice.

In this latest episode, the teams had to travel from Panama up to San Jose, Costa Rica. After arriving at a volcano, teams then discovered they had to travel to a coffee plantation where they had to sort through a huge quantity of beans to find just one red bean. Yuck! It seems that whenever TAR has these "needle-in-a-haystack" challenges, one team takes forever to finish it. This time it was Team Marathon, the family with the two young children.

Just before the coffee bean challenge, the racers came upon their first Yield of the race. The Yield allows the first team in to stop a team of their choosing for a pre-determined amount of time. First up was Team New Yawk, and they decided to Yield the much disliked Team NASCAR (Weavers).

Once that elusive red bean was found, teams were off to a Detour, where they had a choice of either collecting four Mayan relics, or loading 15 bushels of banannas onto a pulley leading to the distribution center. Team New Yawk did the bananas, with the father's experience lifting heavy containers as a garbage man coming in handy. The rest of the teams collected the relics, with Team Marathon pulling up the rear.

After completing the tasks, the teams then had to travel to a picturesque Costa Rican beach town, which was the Pit Stop for this leg of the race. Team New Yawk came in first and won some nifty sporting vehicles. Team Marathon couldn't make up the time and were eliminated. It was tough seeing their little daughter cry at the news of their elimination. But the team went out with pride, and even discussed returning to the beach town, finding the location beautiful.

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