Saturday, December 31, 2005

Happy New Year 

To each person reading, have a happy, safe New Year.

New Year's Resolutions:

* Blog More.

* Throw out a bunch of stuff in this apartment. I now realize it's cheaper to get rid of unnecessary stuff than to store it here.

* Eat baby carrots more often

* Blog More

* Pay off the credit cards. (By hopefully staying employed for a whole 12 months this next year.)

* Get the cell phone fixed. Roaming in my own living room is unacceptable.

* Blog More

* Somehow wrestle my work schedule to more often help out at The Marine Mammal Center and Bodgea Marine Lab.

* Go to more restaurants in Berkeley (work) and Alameda (home).

* Blog More

* Regardless of whether I get the girl, to continue to build up my confidence. Personal happiness is not a function of relationship status. Life goes on either way.

* Blog More

* Take more pictures, post them here.

* Use the exercise room at the apartment complex. Especially the hot tub and sauna.

* Blog More

May you achieve your resolutions one day at a time; not one month, six month, or a year from now. And keep you drunken rear off the streets.

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Not Quite Burnout 

OK, I am a turd.

Sheesh, what the heck was wrong with me?

Too long, I was away too damn long.

First off, I'm sorry. I have this habit of retreating inward when life gets stressful. I talk to friends and family less. I blog less. Since stresses in life aren't likely to stop anytime soon, this is something I should get over. Sigh...

Plus I need to worry less about having to sound so damn profound. Talking is often just enough.

OK, so what have I been up to?

Mom had bladder surgery, but she's doing OK. That happened last week. I went back to Fresno to be with her at the hospital, plus I returned over the weekend. It's not easy to be reminded of your parents' mortality (even though it was relatively minor surgery). It must be so much harder for parents to see their kids in the hospital, to think the same things about them.

Moving sucks. I just got the last of my stuff in place the weekend before the surgery. It's not like I buy a lot of things over the years. I end up inheriting a lot of this junk. Either from my mom, who hordes to make up for a meager childhood, or from work. The best thing about your company going under is all the free stuff. I have a biotech lab quality waterbath that I use to thaw out my frozen food. Why not, what other opportunity would I have to get a waterbath? Yeah, but moving and organizing all that stuff can be a pain.

Personal stuff. Not going into excruciating detail (you never know which people will someday read the blog). Suffice it to say, it can be hard when something you want lies just out of reach, due to bad timing and/or lack of mutual interest. But we talk, we share, and if I end up with a new close friend....Well, there certainly are worse things, aren't there? Someday there will be someone; in the meantime I'm not going to moap....much.

Other than that, work is work, news happens, and life goes on. I will work better at being more specific than that from now on (..New Year's Resolution, anyone??)

Take care all: those who I've known for years pre-blog, and those who live thousands of miles away who I've never even met face to face and yet do care. And hello to the random strangers who wander through. May I work to do better to let you all in a little more often.

And may you all come up with new snarky posts while in your pajamas.

I'm Still Here... 

...believe it or not.

I'll explain/storytell/beg for forgiveness later tonight. Tease, tease...

Tare care all...

Still Alive:
Exgaucho Ben