Tuesday, January 10, 2006

All Quiet on the Western Front 

Nothing quiet like working a grave shift...

It's 12;26 am, and I'm on my "lunch" break. It's OK, the quiet is a nice change of pace from the usual chatter here on the lab floor. Just me and one other guy, doing runs to record parameters on one of the machines. It's only for a week (umm....I think).

Nice things about Grave Shift.

* Listening to my iRiver MP3 player. Right now I'm being serenaded by the Pet Shop Boys.

* No waiting for the microwave to head up the Trader Joe's lasagna that I ate tonight.

* Blogging at 12:29 am.

* Being up this late, and for once it isn't insomnia! Who-hoo!

I must go act all professional now, and wait for my co-worker to get back. Off to do a filter integrity test. What else would you want to do at 12:30 at night?

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