Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Help Name My Fish 

I had a great weekend. Finally, I brought my bed up from my mom's in Fresno. No more sleeping on the fold-out couch, unless I have company over to spend the night.

I also decided to add a few pets to this apartment. To begin, I started off small. I took care of guppies for a postdoc at UCSB, so I figured I would get a few for myself.

Guppies!Posted by Picasa

Since I couldn't think of names right off the bat, I thought I would take suggestions. Anyone? There are four fish total, and I'll take the names I like best. Feel free to suggest as many names as you like.

Hurry! It's bad luck not to have names, and guppies aren't the most robust pets out there. I'll let you know what names I decided to go with.

How about Floaty? Or "waiting to be flushed"

"Sharkbait" sounds intimidating, but isn't

"Bait" is just cruel

"waiting to be hooked" is too long, and sounds like a sappy romance movie.

I'll come up with more after work.
How about Wanda (as in "A Fish Called Wanda")? Or Nemo? Or Gup and Pie? Pinky and Brain, Flash and Gordon, ... I better quit while I'm ahead and before you kick me off. ;-)
I second Wanda. Hmmm.....

I don't know, I'll think on it....
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