Saturday, January 28, 2006

Of Dusting and Lost Remotes 

I'm back. Never went too far, I guess. I spent the week throwing out old magazines, deleting old emails, and cleaning neglected corners of the apartment. Plus no work. Not a vacation exactly, but then again I'm more organized about things in my life than I have been for literally years.

But I can't find that damn VCR remote! Blast! You'd thing after cleaning the whole apartment it would turn up, but no! Oh well, I think God just doesn't want me to get the idea that I can actually get control over all areas of my existence. I'll just bet that remote is in the same Black Hole that periodically feeds on loose socks. I'm sure it will turn up sometime.

As for the blog, I went ahead and did a bit of minor dusting here too. "Blogs of the Month" is now "Featured Blogs" (more realistic, plus I never do well with deadlines). Added a few new Friends' Blogs (although some of them post less than even I do), plus a couple other sites here and there.

As for the three new Featured Blogs, Whole Wheat Blogger discusses current events and religious topics, The Mighty Middle dishes it out to both political extremes, and Bibi's Box features much snarkiness.

Almost makes me look forward to going back to work. it doesn't.

When you find your VCR remote partying with my tape runner for scrapbooking, send it back my way, okay?
Add my brain to that one please.
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