Thursday, February 09, 2006

Do You Believe In Lucky Rabbits? 

You're an Emmy-award winning sportscaster with three-and-a-half decades of experience. People still remember you for your broadcast of one of the greatest sporting events in US history.

In the end, how much are you worth to your employer?

Answer: The equivalent of a old-time cartoon rabbit.

ABC Monday Night Football comemtator Al Michaels was part of a trade between ABC and NBC that also involved Oswald the Lucky Rabbit.

The backstory: While working at Universal, Walt Disney created Oswald, but gave up control of Oswald over a money dispute. Walt went on to create a certain cartoon mouse to replace Oswald. Universal kept control and had future Woody Woodpecker creator Walter Lantz take over drawing Oswald. Universal evetually bought NBC.

It's a nice sentiment, but I'm not sure I would be as positive with the trade as Michaels is:

"Oswald is definitely worth more than a fourth-round draft choice," Michaels said, referring to what the Kansas City Chiefs gave the New York Jets as compensation for releasing coach Herm Edwards from his contract. "I'm going to be a trivia answer someday."

Finally catching up on your blog, but I much preferred the story in-person :)
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