Monday, March 27, 2006

(Bi) Weekly Update 

It's been a nutty two weeks. Here's what's been up with me in the interim:

* Work has been fast-paced. A couple of weeks ago I was on grave shift: 12am to 8am (actually more like 10 to 10:30). Running production work for a study to determine the quality of our future product. I was running some procedures for the first time as this happened. With everybody looking at the work, that was sure fun. Plus trying to get an SOP done at the same time. Goody goody.

* George Mason. With all the work, I missed virtually all of this year's NCAA Mens' Basketball, but I did get to see GMU upset basketball badass UConn. Yay! I'm hoping for a GMU versus LSU final game.

* Waaah! I finally got around to watching the new South Park episode featuring the demise of Chef (watch it here). I know it was supposed to be funny (it was), but I felt like crying when Chef's funeral was shown. You bastards!

* Watched the British Prime Minister's Questions on C-Span. Don't knock it, it's political hot-air meets English pub. Yeeaaaaa!

* I was able to put in a couple of hours at The Marine Mammal Center. Nothing like shoving a tube down a baby elephant seal's throat and pumping fish mash into its stomach.

* It's raining. But then again it's rained just about every damn day in March (3 weeks worth). It's only rained more days in March twice before (thanks KTVU). Enough already!

* Plus a bunch of stuff involving laundry, grocery shopping, and my gastrointestinal tract. But you don't want to know all that :)

Laundry. Hmphf. You can come do mine.
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