Monday, March 13, 2006


Thanks to co-worker Christy for this one. She's a contributor at, a collaborative website where users can upload instructions on such things as What to Do With All Those AOL CDs, or How To Make An Aquarium Coffee Table.

But I digress...

This cracked me up more than anything I've see lately: Jon Rahoi, an American who has immersed himself into a Chinese-based life. He posts a menu where the accompanying English is mangled beyond recognition. Specialties include: "Big Bowl Bow of Immerses from Fish Head," "Cowboy Leg Beautiful Pole," and "Man Fruit Braise the North Almond."

For anyone who think he's just another American taking shots at a culture he doesn't understand, read this.

After you've stopped laughing at the pictures of Manglish he posted, click to view this movie from the Ministry of Unknown Science: Kung-fu, F**k You. Beware, gratuitous use of The Finger. Hat tip to the above mentioned Rahoi for this one.

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