Monday, April 10, 2006

I Can Barely Hold My Breath A Few Seconds 

This is cool...

Scientists: Carp Found to Hold Its Breath for Months

Oslo, Sweden (Apr 7, 2006 17:51 EST) How long can you hold your breath? Scientists at the University of Oslo have recently discovered how the Crucian Carp, a close relative of the goldfish, is able to live for months without oxygen. The researchers hope that understanding how some animals cope with a lack of oxygen might give clues as to how to solve this problem in humans.

Yeah, I want clues on how I can go without sleep for, ...oh say a five day workweek on grave shift.

In high school, during water polo season, i was able to time myself around 4 minutes. This was under water, slowing my breathing down as far as I could.

Also, during that time, I had a resting pulse of 58 to 65 or so, if my memory serves.

I'm no where near that now, but I've been resting on my laurels a long time.
As if we needed further proof that Bill's non-human, LOL.

I think that's fascinating. I suppose you heard (and I'm relating that to this just to be funny), that David Blaine is going to do his next stunt in an aquarium. I guess he's going to live in there for a couple of months or something. Not nearly as impressive as the carp.
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