Sunday, April 23, 2006

Recent Things I've Learned... 

1.) Trader Joe's organic milk comes from alien cows, it has to. Just today, I finished off a half-gallon of milk that had an expiration date of April 7. It was still plenty edible.

2.) Everyone is going to get way too much Tom Cruise over the next few weeks. Mission Impossible 3 isn't in theaters until May 5. But the ads have already hit saturation point. Hold the movie, and hold the placenta.

3.) That Daniel Powter song is everywhere. And yes, I had my share if Bad Days last week.

4.) Working overnight is tough when the only restaurant open within 6 miles is Denny's. More brown-bag lunches for me.

5.) All you guys blog too much*

* Ha! You know I'm kidding. I'm just jealous you guys can do things like blog from work. Maybe this week, I'll have a few minutes at work to blog. But probably not.

6.) Nothing like traveling to pick up the car from service at the dealer, only to have the shop be closed. Hint to Toyota of Berkeley, post your service department's hours of operations, since they're different from the showroom hours. The whole Trip-in-Vain didn't do wonders for my sleep cycle either.

7.) One person in a position of authority can drive literally dozens of people nuts**

** OK, I already knew that, but I got a strong reminder this past week.

8.) There's a Jack-in-the Box on the East Coast? I though they were only a Western chain. I would like a Bojangles nearby, but there a Chick-Fil-A sort-of nearby in Fairfield.

Oh well, I have another quarter-gallon of milk that should last 'till Memorial Day, so I guess I can't complain.

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