Saturday, April 29, 2006

This Made Me Laugh... 

Via Underwater Times:

Agitated Croc Chomps Chainsaw.

A crocodile agitated by a chainsaw's noise has chased the man operating it and snatched the machinery from him.

Freddy Buckland was at a Northern Territory roadhouse on Friday cutting a dead tree that had fallen against a saltwater crocodile pen during Cyclone Monica when the 4.4-metre reptile struck.

Nothing like having distractions to make yard work worse. I'm even more amused by the crocodile's tenacity:

"He chewed on the chainsaw for about an hour-and-a-half, then we finally got it out.

"We got a bit of reinforcing rod, bent with a hook on the end, and at the same time we were draining the pen. It's still in one piece but, yeah, it's buggered."

Not suprisingly, the tavern has decided to re-asses how to get rid of the tree:

As for the cleaning up effort, it's been postponed for a couple of days.

"We've just left the tree where it is. I think we'll reassess how we're going to do it," said Shappert.

Very funny!
It goes beyond all limits.
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