Sunday, April 09, 2006

The Vampire Returns 

It is 3am on a Saturday night/Sunday morning. I was able to get a good bit done on Saturday: went through 2-3 weeks of backed-up up mail, cleaned the apartment, and even found my long-lost VCR remote (yay!).

I'm still up at this hour not because I went out this evening, but because I need to get my sleep schedule all set for grave shift Sunday night/Monday morning.

Yup, that's right. It's been a couple of years since the last long-term grave work and now it's back fir at least four months. At least I'll be on a consistent shift, thought. One co-worker planned on clubbing late into Saturday night to help make the adjustment. I told her she should get the cover charge and drinks taken care of as a work expense.

Another task I got done tonight was getting the apartment Grave Shift Ready. Or the bedroom, to be more specific. For anyone who wants to darken their place for daylight sleeping, I have three words: black garbage bags. They're cheap and can easily be hung up using some duct tape and pushpins. They're pretty effective, too. I can keep nearly all sunlight blocked using the strategically-placed garbage bags.

I do want to be careful, though. Last time I decided to use the bags, I ended turning the apartment into a tomb. It was a little too effective. I had this creepy disconnect from the outside world. The sealed-up apartment turned into the perfect metaphor for that overbearing, cloistered job. One of my first acts after I got the subsequent job was to take down those dark bags and let the sunlight back in. Ahhhh.

This time, I'm in a much better place, both literally and figuratively. This new apartment has a separate bedroom with walls on three sides and a fold-away partition on the fourth. That makes the job of light-blocking much easier. All I had to do was put up a few bags along the top of the partition to block the light leaking through. Linens serve the same purpose of the gap between the partition and the floor.

The best part is I can still open up the partition without taking down the bags. No more being permanently isolated in my darkened place. Working on grave shift is strange enough without being able to open up a window at home.

Here is a picture of the bedroom with the bags all set up:

I think I did a pretty good job. Not much light, eh?Posted by Picasa

I get to start this lovely midnight to 8am shift this Sunday. I better get used to being a vampire again.

See, I can sleep in the daytime...I can sleep anytime, LOL.
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