Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Terror Attack, Hate Crime, or Mental Breakdown 


Here I recently bought a TiVo and figured I could always keep up with the news. But last night I skip the 5pm evening news because it was 5:05, and what's the point? The first stories are done with anyway.

Didn't hear about yesterday's San Francisco hit-and-run attacks until late at night, at work. Go figure.

Location in SF where the SUV-weapon was finally stopped. (via Yahoo!: AP Photo/Jeff Chiu)Posted by Picasa

Double go figure, the guy who did it was Afghan. Let the speculation begin...

Conservatives are quick to point out the guy did most of his damage around a Jewish Community Center. His family cites mental illness as a possible cause.

At any rate, the best comments I found came from Rick Moran:

Crazy American? Or crazy Jihadist? Is the press hiding the fact the man could be and probably is a Muslim? Why no mention of a possible terror attack? Are we jumping to conclusions on the right? Is the left's non-response to this story indicative of the fact they don'’t care about terrorism?

There are times like this when I want to haul off and smack my friends both on the right and left upside the head in order to knock some sense into them...

As the cliche goes: read the whole post.

Does one lone, deranged nut make a terrorist attack? Probably not. But if he did act out some twisted political/religious convictions, might this be considered by some to be an act of terrorism here in the Bay Area?

Plus, the location in Fremont where his first victim and only fatality is in my old neighborhood. Oh great.

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Oh, How My Head Spins 

What a crazy summer!

A brutal heat wave, wars, terrorist plots, and hell at work.

And now, Pluto no longer considered a major planet!?!

I need a drink.

* To be astronomically serious for a minute, this was probably the correct decision. Pluto was nerver like the other planets, and there are lots more bodies like it that areen't planets. Poor Pluto.

Sunday, August 06, 2006

**Tap Tap** Is This Thing On? 

Can you say burnout?

Here I sit, nearly two months after my last post. And to boot, I'm blogging with a headache. Great, two months and I should say something profound or witty or insightful, but I have a headache. Thanks work (yes it's Saturday, but I can still blame the job, right?).

I've never been the most social person, and blogging is a little like getting up on a podium in front of the whole world. Makes it tough sometimes to come up with something to say.

I'll come up with more later on, but I think I'm just gonna be blogging less. If I don't pressure myself to blog more frequently, the end result should ironically be that I blog more often.

We'll see.

So it's nothing personal if you don’t hear from me for awhile. Those stage lights can still be a bit bright for me. I'll be more verbose and witty in the future, presumable when I'm in a headache-free state.