Sunday, August 06, 2006

**Tap Tap** Is This Thing On? 

Can you say burnout?

Here I sit, nearly two months after my last post. And to boot, I'm blogging with a headache. Great, two months and I should say something profound or witty or insightful, but I have a headache. Thanks work (yes it's Saturday, but I can still blame the job, right?).

I've never been the most social person, and blogging is a little like getting up on a podium in front of the whole world. Makes it tough sometimes to come up with something to say.

I'll come up with more later on, but I think I'm just gonna be blogging less. If I don't pressure myself to blog more frequently, the end result should ironically be that I blog more often.

We'll see.

So it's nothing personal if you don’t hear from me for awhile. Those stage lights can still be a bit bright for me. I'll be more verbose and witty in the future, presumable when I'm in a headache-free state.

Relax. This is your blog. You can put pictures up of Rats dressed up in fancy clothes if you want. I enjoy your humor but would prefer you not stress about it. Take it easy and enjoy life... it never seems to be long enough as it is. ;-)
Dude, look at me........How much was I blogging until are not bad at all :)
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